Al-Yusra is an Islamic, non-profit community organisation set out to strengthen the Muslim community.

Al-Yusra aims to enhance, improve and make a positive and lasting impact into the hearts of its members.

To provide a safe and friendly environment for the community to enjoy themselves and interact with others.

To encourage the development of core skills such as self-confidence, coordination, teamwork and communication skills by way of a variety of activities.

To support individuals within the community in pursuing their goals, and become their number one port of call.


Al-Yusra (اليسري) comes from the Arabic word Al-Yusr (اليسر).

Holding the meaning of ‘ease’ and in some contexts ‘comfort’, the aim of Al-Yusra is succinctly defined in it’s name:

Al-Yusra is an organisation for the Muslim community;
To comfort,
To help,
And to create ease.